Dental Protocol – If I have breast implants, do I need to take antibiotics before dental cleaning?

The protocol has changed and you do not need to take antibiotics before a teeth cleaning. It is advised to get a teeth cleaning every 6 months instead of annually and needing antibiotics. 


When can I shower?

In general, you can shower 3 days post-op. Most patients will have surgical tape over their incisions and can sponge bathe and pat dry all tape, then replace the surgical garment. It is important to follow your specific instructions given at the pre-op appointment.


When can I drive?

You can drive 10 days post-op if you are not taking pain medication and have been cleared at your first post-op visit. 


How long do I have to wear the garment?

In general, you will wear your surgical garment for 6 weeks post operatively. For breast surgery, the surgical bra Velcros in the front so you do not have to raise your arms above your head to put it on. This type of garment will be worn for 3 weeks post op and then you can switch to any sports bra for the remaining 3 weeks. For abdominal surgeries, an abdominal binder or corset garment will be given to you to wear for the first 3 weeks post op. Usually by 3 weeks you are cleared to wear spanx in place of the garment, as long as they compress all surgical areas.


How long do I need to wear the pink bra?

3 weeks and until you go to physical therapy and get range of motion back to your shoulders. Remember, you may not have full range of motion yet with your arms so make sure the new bra you get opens in the front.  


Can I wear an under wire bra?

At 6 weeks post-op.


Can I change into a different bra since the one I have is stained?

Yes, if you are less then 3 weeks post op you will have to buy a bra that velcros/ zips/ clasps in the front. If you are 3-6 weeks post-op it can be any sports bra, since it is okay to raise your arms. We do have extra pink bra’s that you can buy for $70. 


When can I travel/ fly?

3 weeks post-op


Should I use ice? 

No ice because it will decreases blood supply to the area which is needed for healing. 


Do I need to buy a medical compression bra?

No you do not. The office, hospital or surgery center supplies you with one on the day of surgery. If you would like an extra you can buy it at the office. 


Do I have to sleep on my back?

Yes, for 6 weeks post-op.


I live out of state when can I go home after surgery?

You can go home after 3 weeks post-op. There will be a 1 week and 3 week appointment after surgery and you can travel after 3 weeks.


How soon can I go out to dinner after surgery or to a social function?

10 days post-op. Small 2-3 hour outings. Dinner or a movie. Not both


When can I exercise?

You are cleared for cardio at 3 weeks post-op. 


Will Dr. Grunwald come to Serenity the day after surgery to see me?

Yes, Dr. Grunwald will see you at Serenity during your stay at Serenity. 


When can I swim?

8 weeks post-op however if you have any open wounds then you need to stay out of a pool, jaccuzi, hot tub or the ocean as those pools of water can contain high levels of bacteria and we don’t want you to get an infection.


Can I go to a work meeting if I’ll be sitting for about one hour?

You need 10 days of calm, quiet and no activity. After 10 days you can start back to work but will want to schedule a lighter load then usual because you will feel tired at the end of the day.







Because of her national reputation, Dr. Grunwald frequently treats patients from across the United States. While some patients come to Dr. Grunwald never having had plastic surgery, others seek her opinion following sub-optimal procedures performed in their own hometowns.

Dr. Grunwald’s goal is to make each patient's visit comfortable, supportive, informative and stress-free. To ensure your convenience and comfort, Dr. Grunwald and her staff will coordinate all the details of your time with us from your initial consultation through your recovery.


Dr. Grunwald’s office is conveniently located within 20 minutes of Los Angeles International Airport. Her staff will arrange an array of travel services for you, including limousine transportation and hotel accommodations. Please call the office and ask for Sheila, who will personally guide you through various options and assist you in making individual arrangements that best suit your needs.





After major breast or abdominal surgery, you may need physical therapy to restore your range of motion. If you have pre-existing limitations, make sure to tell Dr. Grunwald during your consultation, as she may recommend you see a physical therapist before your surgery in order to optimize the targeted area.

Dr. Grunwald works with a network of high-quality physical therapists throughout the greater Los Angeles area, and recommends you begin your search with the links below. Dr. Grunwald is happy to speak with your personal physical therapist or help you find one that is best suited for your needs and location.



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Omega Rehab in Thousand Oaks

Progressive Physical Therapy in Granada Hills, Palmdale, Santa Clarita, and Tarzana

Sain John's Health Center Performance Therapy





Saint John's Health Center, Santa Monica
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Santa Monica, Ca 90404


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8700 Beverly Blvd,
West Hollywood, CA 90048



20th Street Surgery Center, Santa Monica
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