Large breasts can stand in the way of you living

a happy, healthy, pain-free life

If your large breasts cause back or shoulder pain, discomfort or embarrassment, or keep you from engaging in physical activity, it's time to consider breast reduction surgery. Studies have shown that for many women, reduction mammoplasty brings an immediate boost to their quality of life. Dr. Grunwald will provide you with smaller, better-shaped breasts that fit the proportions of your body, opening the door for renewed self-confidence and a more active life. Most insurance companies provide reduction mammoplasty coverage for women experiencing pain, skin breakdown beneath the breast and shoulder grooving from bra straps. 

During your breast reduction, Dr. Grunwald will remove fat, glandular tissue, skin, and possibly some of your areola, to decrease your breast size and give your breasts a natural, beautiful contour. The procedure typically takes three to four hours. You will have permanent scars, but they are typically covered by your bra or bathing suit. The length and location of your scar depends on the amount of excess skin Dr. Grunwald needs to remove during the surgery. Vertical reduction is the most versatile and commonly used technique by Dr. Grunwald. This "lollipop" design produces a scar along the circumference of your areola and vertically between your areola and the crease underneath your breast.