life changes can cause our breasts to lose their youthful shape

Despite our best efforts, life changes such as pregnancy, breastfeeding and aging can cause our breasts to lose their youthful shape. For many women, sagging breasts cause self-esteem issues, limit clothing options and drastically change our figure. When your aging breasts begin to cause these issues, it’s time to consider breast lift surgery.

During your mastopexy, Dr. Grunwald will remove excess skin and raise your breast tissue to a higher position, effectively raising and reshaping your aging breasts. This surgery will give your breasts a firmer, rounder and more youthful contour. The length and location of your scar will depend on how much excess skin is removed. The procedure lasts approximately three to four hours, during which time a board certified anesthesiologist will administer general anesthesia. Dr. Grunwald uses a variety of techniques, including the periareolar lift (“donut lift”) and the vertical lift (“lollipop lift”), to ensure natural-looking results. A “donut lift,” which leaves a scar around the circumference of your areola, is optimal for women with small breasts and minimal droop. The “lollipop lift” is the best technique for most women, as it allows Dr. Grunwald to create a higher, more rounded breast shape. The vertical lift results in a scar that encircles your areola and runs vertically between your areola and the crease underneath your breast. During your consultation, Dr. Grunwald will ask you to identify your goal breast size, shape and contour from a group of photos. You will discuss what techniques will achieve these desired results, and will also talk about safety issues.